A community of people with shared roots

Our story begins with a deep love for our family history and heritage, a desire to build a legacy for our children, a little bit of mischief, and a background in farming and chemical engineering.

Yep, you read that right. Joyce, the “mother half” of the dynamic mother-and-daughter duo behind Jeptha Creed, holds two degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School and worked for fifteen years as a process engineer in an industrial-scale distillation facility. As if that’s not enough, even after starting a family, Joyce and her husband lived on a farm and worked the land themselves, giving her invaluable experience when it comes to growing the crops used in the distillation process. The unstoppable pair were so passionate about the vision for Jeptha Creed that Autumn, the “daughter half”, even spent a school-year in Edinburgh, Scotland studying Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University.

“Ne Oublie” is a Scottish Galiec saying meaning “Do Not Forget,” and this phrase has been passed down through Joyce and Autumn’s family for generations. Jeptha Creed was founded on the motto “Don’t Forget Where You Came From,” and they hold true to that piece of history to this day. With their incredibly well-rounded backgrounds, creativity, unparalleled work ethic and love for the rich heritage of Kentucky and Scotland, Joyce and Autumn decided to continue on the “Ne Oublie” legacy while adding their own bit of Jeptha Creed flare.

Since its inception, Jeptha Creed has been proud to serve its customers unmatched spirits and unforgettable experiences. With an unwavering commitment to honoring our heritage, we make old fashion new by giving it just a little kick.

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